Book Your Pet Movers When You Book Your Furniture!
Don’t miss out! Ideally call 30 days to arrange for your pet journey.  Our rides book fast especially during the summer months. Be sure to make your reservations before or at least at the same time you book your furniture movers!

Everyone hates moving! It doesn’t matter if you’re moving across town or across the country, moving disrupts the entire family, including your pets. Precious Pets Transport Service, LLC professional ground pet transport services. We are here for you.

Professional Pet Relocation Services  

At Precious Pets Transport we understand the stress and other challenges involved in the relocation of your family’s best friends.  The stress of moving can be harmful to some pets depending on their age, health and species. Our goal is to keep your pets happy and put your mind at ease. Choosing Precious Pets Transport means your beloved four legged family members will travel in comfort to their new home by the safest, most reliable pet transport services.    

​We Take Time to Know Your Pets
Proper preparation and planning insure that your pets’ journey is a smooth one. With your help, we get to know your pets’ medical history, habits and more. Our expert staff knows what questions to ask you about your pets’ personalities, so when it’s time to pick them up, we’ll feel like we already know them.

​How Much Does It Cost To Move My Pet? No pet is exactly the same and no move is ever easy. That’s why we quote each move by ground transport or air transport to meet your pet’s individual needs. Call 888-240-7225 or e-mail us now! 



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Precious Pets Transport Services, LLC

By Ground or By Air, Precious Pets Takes Them There! 


Join us starting Feb 4th, 3:00 as we are excited to discuss & answer questions on how to have a success move for your pet(s)

Pet Relocation Services

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Precious Pets Transport Service, LLC
6661 Hickory Fork Rd, Hayes VA, VA 23072 US
Phone: 888-240-7225 Website:


Precious Pets Transport Service, LLC
6661 Hickory Fork Rd, Hayes VA, VA 23072 US
Phone: 888-240-7225 Website:

We are committed to your pet's travel needs.

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