We also move Fish, Birds, Iguanas & ferrets.

Book Your Pet Movers When You Book Your Furniture Movers!
Don’t miss out! Ideally call 30 days to arrange for your pets journey.  Our rides book fast especially during the summer months. Be sure to make your reservations before or at least at the same time you book your furniture movers!
Main office is located at: ​
6661 Hickory Fork Rd, Suite A
Hayes, VA 23072
Hours Of Operation
Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm EST
Sat: 9 am - 12 pm EST
Sun: Closed​

Ground Pet Transport Services Across the Lower 48  

Precious Pets Transport Services LLC has been a professional pet transport service since 2004 and we would like to offer your pets a safe, comfortable ride. We specialize in ground pet transport utilizing climate controlled vehicles. 

All of our vans are equipped with sanitized kennels
& bottled water is provided to ease digestive issues. Dogs are walked at least 4 times a day & cats have the regular use of litter boxes. All pets are fed according to their normal home feeding schedule. 

Our vetted and trained drivers love their job and they will love your pet!

International & Air Pet Travel
We are a registered IPATA member and can assist with most international travel. Early planning is essential. We can help you with navigating the regulations & requirements your pet must adhere to as well as organizing the travel arrangements at both ends if required. Its about reuniting you and your pet as quickly and as safely as possible. ​​

Winter Weather Advisory: We will not be serving the following states by ground until Spring 2018: NE, IA, WI, MN, ND, SD, MT, WY, CO, UT, ID, W.WA & W.OR. All other states will be served but with a Winter Warning that your reservation may be suspended or cancelled if the weather/road conditions make it unsafe to proceed.

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Guidelines for Puppy Transports

We do transport puppies via ground transport. However we have a few guidelines to know about before requesting an estimate. 
All puppies must be 8 weeks or more to travel. Your puppy will not be allowed down on the ground outside the van. The pup will be put on potty pads and cleaned up as needed.

1. Puppies between 8 to 16 weeks of age must be delivered within 72 hours and must have an Interstate Health Certificate from a licensed vet. If the distance from pick-up to delivery is more than 1500 miles/approx 72 hours, we will not transport. 
2. Puppies/Juveniles 16 weeks or older can be transported more than 1500 miles. However, they must have their rabies shot 21 days prior to being transported & must have an Interstate Health Certificate from a licensed vet. They will be walked & pottied outside the van.



 Licensed, Insured  & Bonded Since 2004


Need an estimate for Ground Transport please call 888-240-7225

Ext 6 or email Mechelle: mkoemel@preciouspetstransport.com or

Ext 4 or email Jill: customerservice@preciouspetstransport.com

or fill out the no obligation Estimate Request form above :)

Need an estimate for Domestic or Int Air Transport call 888-240-7225

Ext 3 or email Linda: lallison@preciouspetstransport.com