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​Some Examples of Problem Breeds Are: Snub nose pets Jumbo Breeds brachycephaly

Jumbo Dogs Breeds: Great Danes, Mastiffs, Gt Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dogs etc

Snub Nose Dog Breeds: English bulldog, French Bulldog, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Chow Chows, Maltese, Shih Tzu, even some Spaniels etc

Snub Nose Cat Breeds: Himalayan & Persian Cats etc

Banned Breeds: Pit Bulls & their mixes,  American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier etc

The lists above are just some of the pets that are you either cannot fly in the United States or will have a very expensive bill should you find a flight. That leaves very few options for moving your pet(s), either a private jet, get in the car & move them yourself or hire a professional pet mover.

Happy Bulldog Relocating
Relocating Jumbo Dogs in the US.

Ground Pet Transportation for Snub Nose Pets

Pet Transportation for Snub Nose Breeds, Banned Breeds, Jumbo Breeds, 

Main office is located on the East Coast
Mathews, VA 23109
Hours Of Operation: 
Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm,
 Sat: 9 am - 12 pm 
Sun Closed

Ground Pet Transport Companies all have their own "Way of transporting pets"

After 18 years of hands on pet transporting this is the method we choose to use. 

Drivers take the time for a meet and greet to help understand the pet's personality before heading out onto the road. They ask about any stress factors they need to keep an eye on. Our drivers provide a solid platform for the pet to get comfortable with, with consistent comfort stops, feeding, one on one attention while keeping an eye out for the well being of the pet. Some animals only eat at night while the van is stopped. Our drivers stop for rest periods so that they and your pets arrive at your location clean, fed and well rested. Well rested drivers can make informed decisions when life doesn't quite run as planned. 

Moving pets by ground is not a sprint but a marathon. Taking the time to see drivers and pet's needs are met while traveling around the United States is what makes a professional pet transport service. ​​So when its time to pick your pet relocation team please consider Precious Pets Transport, with timely, cared for, loving, responsible care for your pet. 

The owners of Precious Pets Transport Services, LLC started relocating pets back in 2004. Ground pet transport service was a completely new industry and we were one of just five companies in the United States relocating pets. At the time there we so few of us, this left a lot of room for change and growth.

As a Professional Nationwide Pet Relocation company we set out to not just move pets but we felt it was important to set the standard on how a professional ground pet travel company should operate, and we quickly learned moving pets was more than just putting them in a vehicle and driving for endless hours.

Since the airline restrictions have come into play it has opened an even larger demand for ground pet transport service and there has been a knee jerk reaction to the market. Looking now, there are hundreds of companies claiming to be "Professional Pet Ground Transporters". When asked what makes Precious Pets Transport Services, LLC different from other ground pet transporters. 

Simple, we are the leader in ground pet relocation, we help change the way pets are moved on the ground, with properly equipped vehicles, educated drivers, rest regulations and comfort stops for the pets. NO driving NON-STOP from one end of the country to the other at excessive speed. All of our drivers are vetted, trained and agree to a set of standards to keep each and every pet safe and to make sure they go home to their families at the end of the trip.

Jumbo Dogs Relocation
Relocating pets nationwide

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