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Main office is located on the East Coast
Mathews, VA 23109,
Hours Of Operation: 
Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm,
 Sat: 9 am - 12 pm 
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Professional Pet Transportation

International Pet Travel

Kennels: We start by measuring and sizing your pet for the required kennel. Do you have a classified "dangerous breed dog? Does it require a special kennel?

Country: What country are you traveling to? What are the pet requirements for that country? Not all countries allow all breeds.

Airline: What airline will take your pet? Not all airlines allow pets to travel. Not all breeds are permitted on some airlines. 

Shots, Testing and Vet Visits: Things to know well in advance of your pet traveling to foreign lands. We work with various vets to get pets their needed shots, testing and certificates required for travel.

Customs Clearing: All countries require customs clearing. Does the import country require a customs broker? 

International pet travel is quite extensive. It takes time to ensure all requirements are met. 

Boarding:  available for pet parents heading abroad before their pets have completed their requirements. 6 acres of quiet country setting for dogs to run. 

As an IPATA member we have a wide variety of resources to get your pet safely to you. 

Professional ​Ground Pet Transport Service Across the Continental USA

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 Nationwide Ground Pet Travel - Private Ride

This is an exclusive service for your family from pickup to delivery. Its is more expensive than the shared ride because we are excluding everyone else from the vehicle. Your pets are picked up from your door, (or place of your choice) then delivered to your door (or place of your choice). This is a direct service, however, our drivers do stop to care for your pets, sleep, and take care of their own personal needs. It is important to understand that all pets enjoy that quiet sleep time too.

*Pickup date is of your choosing (pending driver availability).

*These are required for very senior pets and seriously medically challenged pets.

*Your driver will sleep on the van with the pets or if available will take them into a pet friendly hotel. No one is left alone on a vehicle.

*Driver will wait an extra 12 hours for your arrival in a pet friendly motel if needed. If over 12 hours at delivery you will need

   to make alternate arrangements for the pets.

Nationwide Ground Pet Transport - Shared Ride

Multiple families requiring a pet relocation service heading in the same general direction, at the same general time.

Shared rides are the more economical means of getting your pets to their new home. We give a two - three day window spread as close to the requested dates as possible, based on availability. We have a set number of available crates per trip. All trips are booked on a first come basis. Reservations are required for all pet transports and you can expect the following:

*Your pets will be picked up during the window spread given. If we cannot meet your dates exactly we can pickup from or deliver to family, friends, or boarding facilities.

* Your pets will have the use of an appropriate size USDA certified, sanitized travel crate. 

* We will give your pets bottled water.

* We will supply your cat with a litter tray.

* We will walk your dog at least 4 times a day. More if needed. 

*Your driver will sleep on the van with your pets or take them into a pet friendly motel. No one will be left alone in a vehicle overnight.

​*No need to purchase a kennel.​​