Disclaimer: Remember we all have pets, most of us take them with us while we are on the road. Our pets are our family. So regardless of the type of trip (private included) you will probably be meeting our four legged love one also.

Our dogs are our early warning system that someone is approaching the vehicle. In all cases they serve as added protection when we have to be away from our vehicle. You know potty breaks.  

Hope & Louie 

Coast to Coast Driver 5 years with PPTS

Hi my name is Hope. I have been transporting pets since 2007. My husband Louie has joined me since his recent retirement. We like the idea of not punching a clock and having the freedom to travel together. The fact that we can do it while caring for and moving your precious pets is just a win win. We appreciate driving for Precious Pets because we like to work with a company who hold us and themselves to high standards. 

The pet transport industry is unique, and a job unlike any other. Handling beloved furry family members requires a touch of tenderness. Dealing with the hardships and difficulties of travel and road conditions requires a foundation of toughness. Getting the job done regardless of the conditions is pure professionalism, doing it right is our mission. Meet the ground transport team committed to this company's mission, "Providing safe, reliable, loving pet transport service.   The reason why is "WE ALL LOVE YOUR PETS!"

Beate: About

Coast to Coast Driver 6 years with PPTS

I moved to the US in 1985 from Germany. I am married and have 2 grown up sons. I have been self employed ever since in the transportation industry. Since late 2008 I have been doing animal transports coast to coast, sunshine, rain or snow. I have been driving for Precious Pets for almost six years now.
Patrick & SarahAbout

Coast to Coast Drivers

We welcome our newest drivers, Patrick and Sarah. They came to us this winter for training to become PPTS newest members of of our pet patrol. Having two dogs of their own Patrick & Sarah have an absolute passion for pets. Please welcome them as they embark on their adventures transporting your beloved pets. 

Mechellee: About

Part time Coast to Coast Driver: 6 years driving with PPTS, Part time sales associate.

My name is Mechelle  I've been transporting animals for almost ten yrs. The last five and a half years have been for Precious Pets . This Is more than just a job to me. I love the animals big and small, I also handle the exotics. I love what I do!

Dan: About

Coast to Coast Driver: 6 years with PPTS

Hi, I'm Dan, Husband and father of 5 (some of which accompany me) from Central California. I have been working with Linda and Jill for 6 years. I typically do transports from coast to coast, once a month, year round.
As a pet lover, my dogs and cats have always been a huge part of my life. I enjoy training several different breeds of dogs. I know moving and relocating can be very stressful, especially when caring for your pets and I assure you I will do everything possible to tranpsort your pets safely, and quickly to their new home, happy and healthy!

​​Sherry: About 

Coast to Coast driver 4 years with PPTS, Part time Sales associate

Hey ya'll! I love what I do and enjoy working with Precious Pets. I love meeting all the wonderful pets and their people too! Traveling with your pets is always an experience for them, and helping to ease any fears or nervousness. I very much enjoy getting to see previous clients, always lots of fun. I've been traveling with pets for 4 years now.

​JT: About

Authorized Rep for LAX

 JT has been involved in the pet industry for many years.

Being committed to the safety and loving care to every pet make her a wonderful addition to our band of caring drivers.

Kiki: About

Security: 5 years with PPTS

I'm Kiki, some of you have met me. Yes, I can be a bit loud when I'm excited. I love to ride with mom when she is transporting your pets.

I keep mom company but my main job is to keep your pets safe when mom has to be away from the van. 

I love meeting new buddies, and I get really sad when mom drops everyone off. 

Precious Pets Transport Services, LLC
​"Where traveling is all about your pet" 

1-888-240-7225​  or  customerservice@preciouspetstransport.com

We have been in the Pet Transport industry since 2004. Linda spent 20 years working in the moving industry. Ten years into the program Jill and Linda joined forces to operate a professional packing company. 

With the economic down turn and age creeping up on us, we made an executive decision to make a leap in a different direction. We could see people having trouble finding reliable pet transportation. One of our packing clients asked us to transport her pets. So we took the three things we had available, a van that was paid for, a computer and the last of our funds, and jumped. 

More than twelve years later we still stand by the one motto that we started with, "Never put the dollar bill before the safety and welfare of the pets we transport". It's necessary to operate as a business, however there are times when we have to make changes to keep the safety of our passengers first.

Everyone listed below has agreed to operate within that mission, "To keep our precious passenger safe, secure, and do this in the most expedited means possible".

Christi: About
East Coast Regional Driver since 2016. 

 I've been in the animal industry for 30 years. I'm a certified dog trainer. 

Maya and Issac are my companions on trips.  I understand that entrusting your pets to people you've just met is a scary proposition. I have very high standards for those that care for my own pets, and strive to uphold those very same standards for your pets as well. What's not to love about getting to meet new people and their pets, traveling to new destinations, and working for a company that has the same ideology about the care of pets and their people?

Shaun: About

East Coast Regional Driver: 6 years with PPTS

I transport pets because I love to travel and love animals. I've been doing it for over 10 years now and I still love it. 

Shaun has been transporting with PPTS for  6 years. 

Become a member of our team

We are expanding into new markets and are looking for Independent Contractors to become Authorized Representatives at all the major airports through the country.

Do you own a well maintained van and looking for something different. Become a member of our ground travel team. Qualifications will apply.

Do you live by an major airport, love pets, and have extra time?

Email us:  

lallison@preciouspetstransport.com  for qualifications. 


4 years with PPTS

Sales Associate/Authorized Rep for Denver

I’ve worked with PPT for some time now and it’s been one big, fun, furry adventure! My passion and talent in life is caring for animals. After fostering dogs for most of the past decade, . I’m especially good with pets that need a bit of extra attention and love. Transporting pets and happy endings are an absolute joy in my life!